Yamaha C3 grand piano

Yamaha DX7 keyboard

Arturia KeyLab Mk II controller

Vintage Emax sampler keyboard

Fender Rhodes electric piano

Nord Modular G1 synth keyboard (expanded)

Roland 808 drum machine

Kurzweil k2500 synth rack

1999 American Fender 5 string jazz bass

Klevinger electric upright bass

1979 Odyssey fretless bass

Yamaha nylon string acoustic

Yamaha steel string acoustic

1973 Martin 12 string acoustic

1994 Rickenbacker 360 electric

Mesa Boogie guitar amp

Gallien Krueger bass amp

Hammond A100 with Leslie 122

Roland A-80 88 key weighted controller

Vintage Oberheim Matrix 6 analog synth (2)

Vintage Emax Sampler rack with SE expansion

Nord Modular G1 synth Rack

Nord Lead Rack

Roland 606 drum machine

Roland 707 drum machine

Godin Fretless 5 string bass

1981 Fender Precision bass

Ibanez 6 string bass

Ibanez steel string acoustic

Williams double neck pedal steel guitar

1993 Guild D6 acoustic

Squier Telecaster

Sonic Farm Tantra bass amp w/ Mark Bass cab

Fender Blues Deluxe guitar amp